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GoregutFleshripper, Dec 17, 10 12:35 AM.
Decent night tonight

Doz owned. Ruby Tear again!
Aary Owned!
Kael cycle Owned
KT got us do to bad bots ;(
PD owned! Dropped a Shroud & Earring!

Manshoon completed the Uber Dragon Nuke quest too!


GoregutFleshripper, Dec 15, 10 11:34 PM.
Nice little run tonight.

Doz down and actually dropped a Ruby!
4 Ntov Dragons down and some nice drops for people.

We'll do more NToV tomorrow.

Farm night

GoregutFleshripper, Dec 6, 10 10:35 PM.
Good solid night.

Vindi, Stat & AoW (With 3 clerics and only 1 spot healer mind you)
Doz - flawless
Dain - FLAWLESS Grats on another belt!
Tormax - Flawless!


GoregutFleshripper, Dec 5, 10 2:30 PM.
Nice ty on Tunare today. We learned alot. Yes you have to clear whole zone. Issue was that the Real and the Fake Tunare were both up. Fake one assisted and we ended up with 2 Real ones.

Awsome Night!

GoregutFleshripper, Dec 3, 10 1:43 AM.

Doz Owned!
Tormax & MoTG OWNED by Teams Gore, Dex & Incred
ST explored a bit
DAIN OWNED!!! Again by Teams Gore, Dex, Incred & Sweet

Completely awsome night guys great job.
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Welcome to Corpse Cannon's homepage.

We are a guild on the Sarus EMU server. The server is small, but has a crew of really good people. We help each other out and gear each other up as best we can, and just focus on having fun. The server as of now is only up to Velious, with us pushing to get Luclin opened up down the road a bit.

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